Incredibly Nostalgic for Olongapo

I lived in Olongapo City, Philippines from November 1993 – May 1994. During the time I was new in the country and just beginning to learn the language. Aside from the extreme culture shock I have very fond memories of it and consider one day visiting there again. Imelda is preparing to travel to the Philippines on 25 February which caused me to go look at how it has changed over the years. Tonight I was looking in Flickr when I came across the most beautiful photos of some of the improvements that have been made in Olongapo over the years. The photostream is linked below to show you some of the places. (Note: Not all photos are of Olongapo mismo.)

Fortunately for me, while I lived there the old US Navy Base was already decommissioned and most of the blight had gone away. These are improvements better than could be expected since that time. Seeing this makes me so incredibly nostalgic. I look forward to me next visit.

Flickr Stream


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