IDEA: Mass Involvement – CDP

While reading the news the other day I considered the attempts that the US President is trying to do to involve citizens in solutions to the nation’s problems. Thinking social-network / democracy / collective wisdom I formed an idea I call a Community Democracy Platform (CDP). The CDP would be a web-based system used to share, link and formulate solutions to the problems facing communities, states, and nations. It begins with a moderator who will “own the problem”. The moderator presents the problem, defines the parameters of the problem and directs the discussion.

The CDP incorporates principles of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Participants are able to create accounts that keep them informed of issues based on a number of criteria they define. Using familiar tools such as email and instant messaging citizens join the conversation. The community is self-managing. Participants are evaluated by the community who increase the acceptability of the individual based on their historical contributions, information and involvement.

In the end, interested citizens freely express their ideas providing insight, experience and ideas which are vetted by the community. After the specified time period the moderator synthesizes the ideas and presents them for implementation where applicable.

Beginning the discussion on any problem can start anywhere; public servant, citizens, consumer groups, businesses, etc. The discussion is open and moderated by the community. The solutions, well-crafted represent the voice of those to be effected provide the contributions of the manager. Joining the group, participating in the discussion, sharing with friends follow many of the same techniques already successful.

This is the genesis of my idea – even as I write this other ideas are coming to my mind about who, what and how to share. Tell me, what do you think?

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