Projecting a Netizen’s Persona

I’ve contemplated my involvement in the social internet community. Lately, I’ve dived in with both feet tweeting, and facebooking, blogging, and yonkling. Not only has my vocabulary increased but my understanding of what becoming a netizen means. Fundamentally I’ve concluded that my involvement with social networking be it Facebook, a blog or Twitter comes down to the fact that I’d rather project myself the way I want others to see than to have others guess about who I am or fill in the blank incorrectly.

This last week I began to follow some of those considered to be technology leaders. I began to gain insight into the those things that interest the likes of Patrick Norton, Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, Alec Satin, and John C. Dvorak. As a result (coincidentally or not) almost a dozen people began to follow my tweets. I felt a duty, a responsibility to be meaningful, forward thinking, and basically … interesting.

No comes a sense of duty. It is as important to stop being a parasitic voyeur (Levy, Wired 2/17) and investigate, consider and share perspectives of the technical world around us. Who do I think I am to project myself this way? I am a learner and a sharer and that is all it takes for any of us to participate in netizenship.

Recommended Reading: Steven Levy on the Burden of Twitter


One thought on “Projecting a Netizen’s Persona

  1. Hi Paul,

    Great comments. It’s a wonderful world out here – with many helpful and inspiring people.

    Thanks for mentioning me. Gulp. A little embarassed, though – not quite in the likes of Scoble, Dvorak et al. Just a learner like you – trying to give back as best I can.

    Wish you well. Let me know if I can be of help.

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