Merge PDF Files

Nearly everyone has used Adobe’s PDF Reader. However making PDF files has been elusive for many. Until now creating a PDF file has required users to purchase the application from Adobe called Adobe Professional ($398). The application makes it possible to convert and modify other files (documents, spreadsheets, reports – most electronic files) into PDF format.

There are many ways to create PDF files such as Save as PDF (a free Microsoft add-in), PDF Creator, or Open Office’s Export to PDF. The one elusive function is how to combine multiple PDF documents into one.

This is where fits the bill. is a free web service that will combine up to 10 pdf files and merge them into one. As long as your final file does not exceed 5MB (you’ve done something wrong creating PDF files that large if it does) this web service will do all the work for you.

To use this service point your internet browser to Click the button to Pick Files and select two or more pdf files from your local computer that you want to merge. Once you have selected all the files to merge click the button Merge PDF. Allow the web page to merge these files togther then follow the prompts to download the resulting file.

The creators indicate that security is a high concern. After files are created and downloaded they do not remain in any form. Also, users are cautioned that files are not downloaded using SSL encryption. If you are equally concerned about security you’ll want to keep this in mind and find an alternative method whenever you are dealing with sensitive information (financial data, government ID, etc).

Now for the majority of users creating a PDF is simple, easy, and free for nearly every reason someone might need to create these pdf files. There are some exceptions – unless you create interactive forms, script in validation and programming you may still need to purchase the Adobe Professional version.


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