Small Step for Metric

We are living in a metric world where just about every country, except the USA, uses the metric system.” (Valerie Antoine, USMA Executive Director)

If leaders and educators are serious about change and restoring the United States education system’s prominence in mathematics and science an easy and good place to begin is by reintroducing metric education in the school system. It’s not that the education system hasn’t made attempts to educate the nation’s youth on the metric system. In a May 1983 report by Sheppard Ranbom the education system was given high marks for introducing students to the metric system. However, in the same report failure to fully implement the metric system were hampered due to recession and opposition by those who lack the training or familiarity with the change. Advocates at the time did not expect full implementation until the turn of the century. It appears that time has come and gone.

Frankly, I was one of those students in 1983. I neither recall any lesson on metric conversion then, nor am aware now of any change in replacing the isolationistic inch-pound system. The measurement of science and the scale of engineering is the metric system. It is time now to introduce the metric system as the official and primary unit of measurement.


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