Patriotic Lemonade

Were I to have lived during the 1960 in the United States I would have experienced the Kennedy administration. I would probably have not agreed with Kennedy on a number of issues. Sure, the press loved him, the people loved and him. In his way John Kennedy tried his best to do what was right. He was successful – sometimes.
Today I awake in a country with a new administration. As it was during the days of Camelot I am presided over by someone who thinks he knows the best way to lead the country. As during the 1960’s today the press loves the Obama’s. Yesterday’s inauguration indicates the masses love the Obama’s and so it is my turn – it is my turn to decide my level of patriotism and support.
I may chose to pursue angst and skepticism; surely not a difficult approach for me. I may elect to put my blinders on join the Happy Kool-aid Crowd. Instead for me, I believe a moderated and supportive approach is personally beneficial and socially acceptable. The question is how.
Moderation indicates that we wisely approach change where long term benefit is the goal to achieve short term results. Supportive means that we uphold the ideals of democracy that allow all people to be free and enjoy increasing happiness. However, we support the country not it’s leader. We build up those around us, improve our neighborhoods, grow our families. We welcome the change this man promises and make it possible for him to lead us during difficult times.
So here is my level of patriotism. To love my family, my country and the freedoms God grants me with a grateful heart. I will support and uphold the intangibles of freedom, democracy and place my trust with my fellow servants even with my brother Barack in He who grants them, not they who mandate them.


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