Technology Skills – Basic

The following is the beginning of a professional / personal topic of interest for me. I’d appreciate your opinions and attributes based on my opening thought.

Typically, people born before 1970 have been introduced to technology in the workplace after they enter the professional work force. These people are those who have undergone a significant shift between the time they originally begin work and the ways they conduct work place tasks now. Some cite this condition as a generational gap, while other reference history indicating this is nothing new. Imagine the change the first workers in the Industrial Revolution participated in as their jobs moved from workshops in the town center to being over taken by factories in large cities. During these times it was youth (even children) who were preferred for many tasks. For example, the small hands of a child were better suited for the looms and machinery too intricate for adult hands. Today’s workforce continues to be driven in many areas by the professional inexperience of youth with their innovative ways of thinking.

The list below is a compilation in many instances of general technology skills that are (or should be) required among a technology-using work force. Through all levels of a technically proficient organization these skills empower a workforce to transcend mediocre aptitude and leave behind the tar pits of technical ignorance.

I need your suggestions as to what is considered basic technical requirements. I have already started with a computer but think that cell phones, electronic document editing, internet use, and even copy machines should be included. Will you please comment with your ideas as to what else should be on this list?


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