Connect to My Network Place

Computer skills will leave you behind unless you find alternative ways to work smarter not harder. The following are instructions I originally published on my work blog, but thought they might be helpful here as well.

Connecting to a shared network place is a common workplace activity. Once your System administrator has created a share they will provide you with a path to find your shared file(s).

The following instructions will assist you in connecting to a My Network Place using a Microsoft Windows computer on a domain.

How to Connect to a Shared Folder by Using My Network Places

  1. Open My Network Places. To do so, click Start, click My Computer, and then click My Network Places under Other Places.
  2. Click Add Network Place under Network Tasks found in the top left hand corner.
  3. On the Add Network Place Wizard click Next.
  4. Under service providers select Choose another network location.
  5. Type the Network Location provided by your System Administrator. Click Next
  6. Type a name for the network place (this may or may not be provided by your System Administrator. Click Next.
  7. Click Finish. The folder you have added conects this computer with the shared network resource.

To find this folder in the future you will open My Network Places.


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