Open this Box and Watch Out

I’ve finally investigated a music streaming service I’ve heard of for years. The free music service is called Pandora and is an incredible way to discover new music related to some of your favorites.
To use Pandora you will create an account at with basic information such as email address, age and location. Next you will create a Radio Station by typing in one of your preferred artists. Finally, allow Pandora play the songs and select additional artists and songs that have similarities with you desired artists.
Pandora seems to be loved by its users. Already I can see why this is so popular. Success doesn’t come without a price (for Pandora). Recent copyright restrictions have limited access to the service to United States addresses only. Additionally there seems to be royalty issues with record labels. Bottom line, you have got to check out Pandora before it goes. Also, if you can do whatever you can do to keep this service as it is today – free and ‘totally awesome’.

Here is my sample playlist, I’ve also shared my list as it changes and is updated on my Facebook profile (see below)
Paul Done's Facebook profile


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