Using to Update Your Networks

Social and community networks are internet based sites that share information with professional and personal group of people you know or activities you share in common with others. In recent years the proliferation of these networks have emerged making it difficult for some to manage updates on each network. Updating each network in the past has either taken a great deal of time or been skipped altogether. Now a unifying tool called will update the status of each of your networks using a single tool. is a website that links your multiple networks. Making an update on broadcasts your changes to each site. Not a social network itself, is an application with multiple features. Using a user may write a short text message that broadcasts changes to each network.

To use an account is required. To sign up for an account navigate your web browser to the site Create an account requires a valid email address with a unique username and password you create. Once in your account you may begin adding each of your social and community networks from the list provided. At the time of this writing the site indicates connections with 30 social networks including some of the largest ones such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn among others. As you add each network you will asked to provide the login credentials you use to access each site. If available, additional options such as microblogging, status changes, etc. may be selected. That is it.

Using is just as easy. You may logon to the website to make updates to your networks. Alternatively you can also link your favorite Instant Messaging account such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM, or other to update your status. Each account comes with a unique email address that you use to send emails to the account. Any of these methods (email, instant message, or webpage update) will broadcast your update to all your networks giving each network an update of material you feel is important. is a unique service. These are the basics of what to use. In future posts we’ll discuss how these updates can link your networks to the important projects you are involved as well as finding additional resources to be more productive.


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