Twitter Me This Batman

It won’t take long for the Tech World to come up with another buzz word. The latest buzz is about a tool called twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that updates followers with the things you are doing. I can hear my mother now, “Why would you want to tell anyone the things you are doing and why would they care?” Yet this is the basis of what microblogging is and why it is becoming so popular.

The reasons for microblogging are varied but the fundamentals are because you do things, or think things, or experience things that are interesting everyday. Interesting or not twittering these activities, thoughts or events help connect you to others with similar interests or experience. Recently I found a person in Manchester England who is interested in productivity and work efficiency. Through their activities I have gained insights into alternative approaches to similar problems. Likewise, I have a few friends who twitter and share even the mundane events of their work day. When we meet we can share a laugh or experience.

A twitter is usually a very short message. Twitters are 140 characters or less and may be recorded using a number of different methods. The most convenient may be using a application installed on a cell phone. Recently the proliferation of tools like the iPhone and Blackberry make this a simple task. The 140 characters is used because this is the limit of a text message. Therefore even text messages may be used to update and twitter using wireless devices. Twitters may also be sent using desktop computer applications or visiting the twitter homepage.

Deciding what to Twitter is a personal preference. If you begin to use twitter you will see that many people use it for different things. Some use it for personal items others for professional activities. There is reason to be cautious about what you twitter. For example, a product manager may not want to describe the products in development just as swat team member may not want to describe their latest door busting raid. For most of us vaguely indicating what we are involved with or observe are what will become interesting to others.

Successfully twittering depends on why you twitter. If you decide early on that you want to keep those who follow your twitter updated about your day-lily garden success comes when you twitter the activities in your garden and connect with others who twitter about their gardening exploits. If twittering is to share the random thoughts that cross your mind success will come when others random thoughts spark your creativity. Obviously the level of success depends on your reasons for twittering.

Twitter is a developing technology. The effect that twitter has will be seen with time. If you are interested in following my twitter feed this is easy. You will first create a free account at To follow my feed search for me by using my email address Simply click add and you’ll have instant access to my twitter feed.

If you have questions or comments, I’d enjoy hearing them. Please leave a comment or send me an email.


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