Christmas Traditions – Day 1 of 25

Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath

Each year families enjoy the holidays as a time to get together, share memories and build traditions. Since my childhood my favorite part of Christmas is the anticipation of the day Santa arrives. When I was very young (about 5 years old) my mother made a felt Advent Calendar of a Christmas Tree. Each morning beginning on December 1 one of me or my siblings would get to choose our favorite ornament to put on the tree. Having four other brothers and sisters it seemed very long each week for my turn.

Each year it began to be my ‘job’ to remember the Advent Calendar. Many of us got married and have all moved out. The tradition stopped but not the memories. A couple of years ago knowing how much I loved the calendar my mother sent me the calendar to carry on the tradition. The memories are still fresh and the excitement just as much. Now the felt ornaments are delicate showing the signs of thirty years, but without each ornament we might not know how close it is until Christmas.

This year, with your indulgence I will put one ornament on the virtual Christmas tree each day. As I am reminded of memories, or have stories sent reminding us of the spirit of the season I will share them here. If yo have special Christmas memories or stories and would like to share please leave a comment here or send me an email at

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