Day of Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. At least one day we each consider the many things we have and can contemplate how blessed we each are. The thought has occurred to me that were this our thoughts each day there would be less contention, more sharing and more personal satisfaction.

As we work to get gain, we enjoy the things that hard work give. For some this may be a larger house, a nicer car or even the greater ability to help others. Generally the tendency is work begats rewards. However, if our focus to get gain, acquire position or increase our empire is not tempered by thanks and humility the chase is never ending.

It is difficult to be satisfied with what we have if we are not grateful for the struggle it took to get there. Rewards gained without the challeges including sacrifice, pain and struggles may leave us empty. Our personal reflection upon acheivement and contemplating with gratitude may more often be the reward not the end point.

May each of you enjoy this day and each for which you are given. Fulfill them and be grateful for your achivements.


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