Rope Yarn Wednesday

In the United States we are all enjoying a little rest and relaxation in the coming days. Thanksgiving is Thursday followed by the beginning of holiday shopping season. Fortunately to prepare for all these festivities my boss has granted me a Rope Yarn Wednesday. I love his terms most of which are come from his rich Navy history. He explained it before but I had to go research this term rope yarn. I found the following that I’d like to share.

On the day the tailor boarded a sailing ship in port, the crew knocked off early, broke out rope yarn and mended clothes and hammocks. One afternoon per week at sea, usually a Wednesday, was reserved for mending. Since it was an afternoon for rest from the usual chores, much like Sunday, it was dubbed “rope yarn Sunday.”

The Navy adhered to the custom up to the years immediately after World War II; men used Wednesday afternoon for personal errands like picking up their laundry and getting haircuts. Of course they paid back the time by working a half-day on Saturdays.

Today, uniforms require less attention so rope yarn Sunday has been turned to other purposes; mainly early liberty or a time for catching up on sleep. Some, however, still adhere to tradition and break out the ditty bag for an afternoon of uniform PMS [Preventative Maintenance Schedule].” Source

To each of you Happy Thanksgiving and if you’re fortunate enough to get a Rope Yarn enjoy that as well. Quite needed for me. Thanks Dave! 🙂


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