Do You Stand for Something?

On this planet there is a dimension of time and space that define our existance. There is a postal code that defines a general area and an address that identifies the location of a home or business. These facts exist to give indisputable order to life and enable us to interact meaningfully with each other.

There are also laws that define nature. It is impossible for any one of us to say with any value of truth that the sun does not give warmth and light to our lives. We may call these facts natural facts as we can neither full understand their reality nor refute their validity. Natural facts are no respecter of race, gender or experience – they have the same results on all of us. Gravity is an example of a natural fact. Regardless of these natural facts there are those who will by their cunning or antagonism cause some to doubt natural facts. They attempt to raise suspicion, postulate mythologies and hypothesize falsehoods to replace natural facts.

Identifying these natural facts should be the primary pursuit of our lives. Our pursuit of these should uplift, enliven and bring balance and order to the chaos and pain inherent with a life in drift. As we seek these facts they become easier to identify. First, we examine a factual morsel, or tidbit of possibility. Second, we examine the effects this has when we attempt to incorporate this fact in our life. Third, when we discover how this fact effects us, brings order, proves sustainable we decide how this fact is good and we embrace and keep it as a part of who we are else we discard this. Finally, we continue seeking natural facts by repeating this process.

It is necessary that as we learn, discover and collect natural facts that we continue incorporating these in every part of our life. We seek out those who share our experience or have found facts we have yet to discover. We also must remain willing to share our understanding with others who seek or would otherwise be harmed if they act contrary to natural facts. In this way our experience will soothe the chaos, prevent the sorrow and salve the wounded – in essence we advocate and learn.

What do you know? What natural fact or facts have you incorporated in your life? Do you use these as maps in your life or trinkets on the mantle of your existance? Do you hide your discoveries or hoarde them as a mountain hermit? Do you share these with others or keep them safe afraid of how others might react? Do you advocate the natural facts that have meaning in your life? Do you stand for something?


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