Feeling Old? Try another planet.

Who of us has not felt old, tired and worn out? Our hectic lives don’t help us fully rest, thoroughly enjoy life, or always have the energy to do what we want. First of all, taking a break often is a great rejuvenation to our minds, bodies and psyche. There is another option however – try another planet.

Don’t be so planetarily prejudiced. There are countless of other planets in the universe and many with environments that sustain life. There are even some planets in our own neighborhood where you can go to be much younger (not just feel younger).

Take for example a 30 year old woman on Earth. Were she to live on Mars a mere single planetary hop away her age is 15.9 years old. Remember the energy and excitement you had when you were 15 years old? Oh to recaputure the wisdom of your teen age years. This is possible by simply taking a trip to Mars.

The opposite is true as well. If you are looking forward to your twilight years the sunset years of retirement are not so distant if you lived on Venus. Yes on Earth you’d be 40 years old trudging your way through gridlock traffic, turning in a quarterly TPS report at work and stashing away hordes of money in a 401k retirement fund. However, were you to take residence on Venus your 40-Earth years immediately turn in to 65-Venetian years. This is the way to enjoy your retirement – draw the government’s retirement dole with the health and vitality of a 40 year old!

If you’d like to plan your retirement, or regain a youth long past try the age calculator at http://katyal.110mb.com/planet.html


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