1 of every 50 people on earth belong to Facebook!

I am not so sure of the legitimacy of these numbers – sure Facebook may have 120 million accounts but how many people create multiple accounts?

For those who don’t know Facebook is a popular networking service connecting people to each other and mutual networks. Having just created my own Facebook account a couple of months ago I am becoming more intrigued by the service. At first I used it to respond to a friend request of a guy I knew in high school. Next, I began researching the group function for work and found the connecting people to an enterprise’s goals.

I believe these networks will always connect people. While I do not have evidence to prove so, that is how most people probably start using Facebook. With the right combination of application, group and offerings more and more people will join to remain connected – not just to find out.

If you don’t already have an account get one today. An account can be setup in about 5-10 minutes. Once you do come find me Paul Done.

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Paul Done's Facebook profile


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