Bicycle Tour Report – 11 October 2008

48.01 mi
Avg Spd
13.9 mph
646.3 mi
Distances and speed are recorded in miles

May I say this was simply a gorgeous day! The sky was clear, the temperature perfect and the wind nearly non-existant. For a Saturday like this, the only thing to do is ride. So I did.

This morning I left the house about 9:30a and decided then I would ride toward the Potomac River about 25 miles away. I took my favorite roads and eventually ended up at the Marine Corps National Heritage Museum at Quantico Marine Corp Base.

The day was so nice that even the birds and the bees were out and around. Unfortunately a bee and I crossed paths and this bee decided to leave life and his stinger in my leg. This was a first for me while riding. It cuased me to brake quickly, swat the bee off and try to pick out the stinger which i could tell was still pumping its venom into the quadricep muscle on my right leg – my primary biking muscle! I picked out the stinger and waited until my leg stopped spasmingabout two minutes later. It is sore and tender even now but will be fine.

About the time of the bee sting I discovered what cyclers call the bonkor hitting the wall. Bonking occurs when a cycler suddenly loses energy and becomes fatigued, the result of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles becoming depleted. (Source Wikipedia) I had another 23 miles to ride back home which I did at a slower pace.

I am sore now and the bee sting is tender but in spite of this what a wonderful day to be alive.


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