Am I my father’s son?

I am concerned that although I look very similar to my father that I may become like him. Mind you he is not bad, in fact in many ways someone to aspire to be like. He does however some interesting tendencies. You will recall last spring he was in a motorcycle accident touring around southern Utah. Today however I found he has gone and done something I’d like to do . . . after winning the lottery.

My father has gone and purchased a silver BMW Z4. Now I am quite the connoisseur of German-built cars and while not first choice the Z4 is a close contender. It is not the fact that he has gone and done this in a tightening economy (he is a banker), nor with the blessing of my mother, and not like a little sports car is expected to plow through the snows of a Midwest winter but that he has just done it. I am jealous.

My greater fear is that I may be seeing myself in thirty years – having the means to do as I wish, sixty years to justify the excitement and not fully considering all the implications of my choices. I am fully aware and ok with the fact that many other people might be seeing their inheritance disappear in such a purchase. Frankly, I respect my parents who have decided that there will be no inheritance – they should enjoy since they worked so hard all their life for it. I shall receive a legacy.

The real concern is what my choices will do to those around me. Will my choices satisfy my needs and desires or will I be able to enjoy the results of my choices with others: family, friends, or society. Bah! I am too young to think like this!


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