Tours Before 40

I am about six years away from turning 40 so I lots of time to complete my life goals before this time. As I wrote a couple of months ago there are some things i want to do in order to expeience life. One of them I completed a week. Now related to that and others goals I have decided my next step(s).

Not only will I bicycle in a foreign land and get 4 stamps in my current passport – now i will step foot in every inhabited continent. Already off my list are Asia and North America – I still have Africa, Europe, South America and Australia.

To reach this goal I have decided I can roll up some of my related goals in a package deal. Today I began planning a bicycle tour in a couple of countries. My first choice is to tour from Johannesburg South Africa to Durban on the Indian Ocean. The entire route is just over 400 miles and most of the terrain is not drastic climbs or descents.

As with any goal S.M.A.R.T. is key – basically is it do-able. In order to reach this goal it will take a lot of work 1)I’ve estimated total costs around USD$4,500 savings are in order. 2) Long term fitness – need to maintain BMI between 18-24 for 9 consecutive months 3) Need to complete at least six, 3+ day rides within a year of the trip 4) Collect the gear, learn the terrain, etc.

I’ve chosen South Africa because I think it will be the most difficult to complete, the most difficult continent to travel to, and the most foreign of my choices. I’ve also began looking at tours (self-guided) through Wales to Scotland and / or Australia / New Zealand. I am no inclined to bicycle through parts of South America – will just have to visit by other means.


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