This is Your Brain . . .

I remember the ad campaign in the late 80’s where a hot frying pan had an egg dropped. The voice over was something along the lines of ‘This is your brain {egg drop} this is your brain on drugs.‘ Apparently it was very effective. Now however, we all know drugs are bad and while the problem remains – there are better realities to consider.

The other day I posted a quick tag line on my Facebook page much without considering what I was saying. I wrote ‘until Apple introduces the iBrain, I’ll post my life (albeit boring) here.‘ That got me thinking – why not the Apple iBrain? Still not a great fan of Apple – but nobody could do it better.

The Apple iBrain would be a device that is worn much like modern day Bluetooth headsets. Sitting over each ear the iBrain would capture electronic impulses from the brain in the form of images, audio or thoughts. The user could tag, (or identify) each stimuli and create or have a prescribed method to handle these inputs. The could then be shared, recorded, added to do lists, erased, modified or output to an appropriate destination. This would not be a strictly utilitarian venture, videos, music, and communications would also connect to the users consciousness giving the owner control over their world.

Imagine for a moment have your favorite music playing in your mind in true fidelity (currently deaf people who not require functioning ear drums). At the same time as you walk through the mall off on the side of vision is a projection of your calendar overlaying reality or the real world in front of you. As you sit on the train going to work you could watch the latest video podcast of last night’s sit-com you missed – again over laying reality.

The workplace would love this – as you walk into the building for work you have the files right in front of you and know the latest figures on that project coming due. Your 10am meeting is ready and you distribute agendas via your iBrain to all other attendees. I forgot to mention that Sarah will be patching her iBrain in via teleconference. Your iBrain projects her image as she is currently in Antarctica but attends the meeting in real time.

If you are running late to pick up Scott from soccer practice – don’t bother using a cell phone(how so 2000 of you) – instead send him an iMessage. The iMessage will tell him he you are on the way and give him a countdown and location status via GPS of your location. Keeping track of the family is easy with iBrain. Don’t bother the kids when they are at the mall – link their iBrains to yours and remind them to come home by dinner or else you’ll limit their music and chat time later.

As you can see iBrain is not just toy – this tool revolutionizes the way we do – life. Mr Jobs – would you like to discuss this further?


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