Forrest Gump-in’ Life

The Tom Hanks movie in the 1990’s is still one of my favorites. Most people remember the story of a boy from Mississippi in the Southern United States who by luck falls into popular situations in U.S. history. Part of life was that one day while running away from a group of bullies he breaks free of the leg braces that have been placed on him. He ran and ran until he had criss-crossed the United States running. I am reminded of this because of some people who screamed out at me in jest the other day “Run Forrest, Run!”

Not to hold myself in as such high esteem (yeah right 🙂 ) but today’s ride was the longest single ride in years. I went 32 miles (51.5 km) and the only reason I planned to stop was that by my calculation it would have been dark if I didn’t turn around. My rides are getting more powerful, I have more energy throughout the day, and my stress level has gone way down.

Tonight about an hour after my ride I was walking in the grocery store and came across one of the blood pressure machines. Thought for the heck of it to give it a whirl when I did the reading was 148/49 with a pulse rate of 103. First, these things are rarely accurate but still off the charts all the way around in a good way. Knowing that my blood pressure just a couple of months ago was normal per a doctor I wasn’t concerned but goes to show you what activity does to the body. I am lovin’ it!

Back to my original topic I can see, and look forward to the day when I go out riding early one morning and just forget about time, place, and concerns while I ride all day. I’ll probably need to either sleep in a hotel room or call Imelda and ask her to pick me up . . . better remember the credit card. 🙂

What fun!


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