Facebook-Tool for the Technical Elite?

I continue to be amazed how tightly woven a section of society has become. By this I mean that there is developing a section of modern western society that are becoming sophisticated technically As they develop, interact, network (pun intended) they enhance each others experience, share resources, and interact without the limits of time and location.

As you know, lately I have become extremely re-interested in cross country cycling. I’d dare say that my passion is quickly growing into addiction where the time I am on a bicycle is desirable above many other activities. I think, ponder and watch the crazies on the road who will one day kill me. However when come back home I use technology to link up with other like minded people. Case in point after my ride Monday I was surfing through Facebook and found a guy I knew from work and learned he was an avid cycler as well. We chatted and within 4 lines of email exchanges discovered each other as future riding partners. The same tonight, found a guy who blog talks about his mountain biking experience in Leadville, CO.

Bottom line is that this is my experience using Facebook. I’ve also found former classmates in high school and co-workers who share experiences, expertise, and resources.

Call me a dreamer, a wide-eyed visionary. The day will come that society will be built on relationships, connections and interactions not just among friends but among technical elite who manage the information from us to their benefit. Is Facebook the tool to do this? Of course not, but those who use and capitalize on the use of this technology (web 2.0 for example) and other similar forms will have the edge on those who don’t.

If you have a Facebook account already and would like to become friends you can find my profile and link to it by clicking below:

Paul Done's Facebook profile


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