New Media

Many of us understand the amount of media available in the world. THis is the first generation where information gathering is not the challenge – instead analyzing and interpreting data is key. Information analyzed is information that should be shared and what better place than on the internet where it can be made available for little or no cost, reviewed by other experts and deemed credible or not. To date this blog as attempted to experiment in delivering information, providing analysis and solicited commentary.

In the near future I plan on taking this to the next step – I am going to become a broadcaster of content. Surprisingly it is not difficult to prepare analysis on topics that can be shared in a multimedia format. Tech Guru Leo Laporte recently described the basic tools to produce quality podcast content. For $60 one can purchase a Platronics DSP400 USB headset. Among other free options are and Each of these tools allow you to talk calls on a recorded broadcast and publish these for free.

If you know something a blog is not the only way to share that with the world. With a little trial and error and a lot of practice and patience anyone – even you can develop a community around topics where you are expert.


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