Renewing an Old Habit

Manassas - Prince William County
Manassas - Prince William County

Readers of my other blog recently read about my renewed interest in bicycling. I am an avid bicycler (in the past) and am now renewing my passion. Today Simon Powers showed me a site called that allows bicyclers to create, share, and rate routes suitable for the bicycler. Using the site I created a route tonight that I rode with great enthusiasm.

The route is what I call 001 Manassas – Prince William which is 18.8 miles (30.1 km) through rural Prince William County’s hills. I rode it on Tuesday night between 5pm-6:35pm and found that there was traffic but not heavy or dangerous amounts.

Being only the third ride in a week I feel my body exiting its doldrum of office drudgery and breathing fresh air with sunlight (can you believe it they come together). How wonderful! I am sad that it is nearing the end of the season and I will only have another 7-9 weeks of proper riding weather However, I am considering weight training through the winter like I used to. Still it is early in this habit-making process – wish me luck and as always I could use your constant encouragement.

Consistent with my approach to every activity in life I am recording data on each ride that is published from a database on my website at


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