Crazy Ideas – Car Videos

I come up with so many crazy ideas that it is okay if you nod your head and laugh. Today, I had another one.

What if we installed vido cameras in ou cars. Police already have them. The purpose would be like a black box recorder for the times something does happen. You could send the video of the jerk who cut you off on the road. The video could be shared and tagged with geographic coordinates. Send this to Google Maps for a roadview display of the places you drive. Instead of just an overhead map – you actually can see street level views of turns and landmarks. You could have USB ports in the dash or your car or even better yet wireless networking so when your car pulls into the driveway it downloads not only the video but driving, gas mileage, and general car health to your home computer.

Now sure this would have the potential for misuse. People would catch and record others “rocking out” at the stop light and post it on YouTube. Plus there ar elots of things people do in cars that are not even YouTube worthy. Still , some people get away with a lot to make it worthwhile enough.


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