Bella is Ready to Travel

Wont you be one of Bellas Friends
Won't you be one of Bella's Friends

It has been about 1 month since Bella’s Journey was created. During that time she has gotten a webpage, travel account, and a few trips lined up. Now Bella is asking you for help – she needs more friends!

You might recall Bella is a baseball who will travel around the world visiting friends and taking pictures as she goes. As she travels to new friends those friends will refer their friends helping Bella visit more and more people. All along her journeys every one of Bella’s friends will watch her trips as well as those she meets.

You are an excellent person to become her friend. Since you are friendly you surely have family and friends who may want to receive Bella in their home, take a picture and send her back home.

There is really no catch, no cost, and the only thing she requires is a picture which can be emailed, mailed or upload to her webpage.

Visit Bellas website to become a friend
Visit Bella's website to become a friend

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