New Nano

Last weekend I finally bought an iPod Nano. Never having been a fan of Apple or Apple products it rarely crossed my mind. My parents corrupted me with this as a gift for my birthday indicating how much they enjoy theirs. I however, am surprised – I am actually impressed with the technology. I found yet another way life can be connected to the world attached to your belt.

I spent a few hours over the weekend uploading my collected music, discovering podcasts, and entertaining myself with the plethora of games available on the devices. I examined the other similar products including the iPod Touch which is an iPhone with the cell connection. The possibilities for such technology are what intrigue me – having everything normally used on a computer in the palm of your hand. There are limitations where you would not use it to replace an office computer – otherwise the entertainment and communication side of life is all right there.

Nevertheless, I think my parents who try to corrupt me with every convenience of life have done it again – and I’m loving it!


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