Future Browser

Aurora Browser
Aurora Browser

Below is a video that simulates how the internet browser of the future will work. A couple of things to watch in this video are how we store, access and use information. First, the browser is the tool to move, manipulate and share data. Second, our interests, tools and resources remain resident in three dimensional space accessed through our computer screen. Third, related objects are grouped together and grouped spatially through related concepts. Finally, this space and our connection to it is merely an extension of ourselves and not connected to a desktop (laptop) computer but our mobile devices as well.

This may seem like science fiction today but emulates how we cognitively access information stored in our brains. The next step almost there – connect our minds to the bank of information – in essence connecting our minds together transfer images, thoughts and ideas seemlessly.

Tomorrow’s knowledge workers don’t go seeking information they apply connected sources to solve problems, create new ideas, and enhance productivity. Tomorrow’s manager doesn’t observe history to make decisions they apply models that indicate when histroy has done a certain thing we can react or produce the desired event. Tomorrow’s worker doesn’t react to yesterday’s events instead use yesterday to decide what will happen next. Tomorrow’s factory worker doesn’t work in an Asian factory instead decides what automaton (robot) needs to be taken out of the line for service based on productivity levels.


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