Twitter for Business?

In our ongoing series about web 2.0 applications today we’ll investigate twitter. Twitter is categorized as a micro-blogging software. Twitter users create an account where they record in 140 characters or less their activities. These activities or micro-blogs are shared with their circle of associates and friends called followers who read and share their own activities via a web interface or any number of other devices such as cell phones, computers, and other internet connected devices.

I asked the same question after I heard about this, “Why would anyone want to do this?” I have spent the last several weeks trying to find out why, how, and who cares. As it turns out a number of real enterprises use this to increase communication and build collaborative groups such as Cisco, Comcast, Angeles Fire Department, Dell and others. These are the who but how and why?

Twittering is a quick note that informs, updates, or notifies those interested in you and the activities you do. Sending a twitter tells your circle of followers the important things you do or thoughts you have. My circle of frinds the last few weeks has been very small, but the things I twittered were spotty about the things I do or wanted to remember. When I left work, walked into a store, did something at work or had an idea I twittered this. My followers may see where I am, the things I do, and the thoughts I record.

A common thing among many web 2.0 applications is the interoperability they have with each. Twitter is similar in that it can publsh its feed to a RSS syndicate feed. This RSS feed may be incorporated as a configurable list that appears on blog, instant messenger, my space or facebook pages.

If you are interested in seeing my twitter log go to the web page create an account in the top right hand corner. The only things you need to provide are a username (you make it up) make a password, and record your email address (in case you forget).


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