How to Backup Your Music

I was given a CD today compiled with some popular music. The thought occured to me that it has been years since I did so, but making a music CD is fun and an easy project not everyone knows how to do. I figured I would describe how I compile a music CD. (Remember it is very important to make sure you are not pirating or illegally using the music – in the United States there are strict copyright rules.)

What you will need:
1) A blank CD
2) A windows computer running Windows XP or higher
3) A CD recorder (a.k.a. burner) and software
4) A music CD (that you own)
5) CD extraction (ripping) software

Step 1– Download Ripping Software
I like using NeoAudio version 9.9.9 which can be found by doing a google search for NeoAudio 9.9.9 Install this accepting all the defaults.

Step 2 – Configure NeoAudio
Open Options from the menu bar, Settings, in Remote CDDB type in your email (or better yet type Click tab Filename and make sure the path for recorded tracks is something you can find – this is where your ripped tracks will be saved. Click OK

Step 3 – Rip CD
Place your audio CD in the computer. Click CDDB from menu bar and click Read Remote CDDB. Allow titles to be populated for your CD – most modern CDs are updated without problems YMMV (your milegae may vary) Click the button on the right side second from the top called tracks to MPEG.

Step 4 – Convert MP3 tracks to Audio CD
Depending on your CD burning software (I like Roxio or Nero) there is an option to create an Audio CD. Add the tracks to build your new audio CD. Make sure you watch the space. Depending on the songs you may normally be able to fit 10-15 tracks per CD.

Step 5 – Test Your CD
After your disk is finished burning try your CD out on a regular CD player. Your car is a good place to test a CD.

Now you are ready to compile customized CDs allowing you to leave your originals stored away. I realize that iPods and MP3 players are becoming more popular now. To copy MP3s created above of your favorite music follow steps 1-3 above replacing the CD burning with copying those files to your iPod.


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