Day Off Revelation

UmbrellaI was so pleased to have a day off today. In the United States 04 July is Independence Day. Its placement in the week tends to have many people take extra days off. I am no exception – in fact my boss called me last week and suggested I do so – what a relief! Dave, thanks a lot!

Thinking about some of the things I read in a book I have developed a P.A.U.L. scale for evaluating in writing each day on certain criteria. The P.A.U.L. stands for Personal, Attitude, Undertakings, and Love (Charity). Each category certain floating themes I have developed help me examine a day based on personal plans, expectations, or goals. Every facet of my life would be included in one of these categories. To be truly successful the reach out when they are done correctly.

I am not normally so warm-and-fuzzy and full of psycho-babble, but the thought occurred to me based on my Covey reading in recent years, a thing called BLUR my boss does, and my own desire to plan, document, and reach for worthy goals. I’ll likely include development of this on a personal site I have constructed.


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