Weekend Upgrade – COMPLETE!

I think we (I) are nearly finished with the upgrade of the server. Don’t think I spent the whole day just doing this. Still got the lawn mowed, went out to dinner with Imelda and the kids and watched a movie. The most important was a nap in the afternoon.

In between all that I installed the new hardware, got Fedora linux installed (twice) and secured and configured, restored all three websites and reconfigured the databases. Except for a couple of things like the family history application, music jukebox, and photo albums everything seems to run well.

Except for my sister Kerrie who called me a nerd, many others were kind and gave encouragement. Bottom line, what took months to develop the first time was built, reconstructed and operational in about five hours total. I might be getting kind of good at this.


One thought on “Weekend Upgrade – COMPLETE!

  1. Congratulations on a job well done and you are definately further along than I am on the computer but what I do works for me.

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