I Need Your Help – Tell a Friend

My colleague at work and I agreed to a friendly competition. Who can have the most geographically diverse group of visitors to their blog. This would mean that for the next month we post content to our personal blogs and ask your help to encourage others to visit.

So here is where I need your help – will you please  share this blog with someone else by clicking one of the icons below? That’s it – click it, log in to your account, verify you are who you are – click Submit. Easy right?

The row of icons below are social networking icons where you submit this post or any other post you find to one of these networks.

In the last 2 months the subscriber base for this blog has gone down a little bit. During the past 60 days we have had the following:
31/50 US States
12 Countries or Territories
238 Absolutely Unique Visitors

If you have a friend or colleague that you think may be interested in random technology, internet humor, or occasionally observations I make click on this link and type in their email address. By the way your comments have been interesting of late as well. In fact just today the creators of IT Always Win runawaybox left a comment thanking me for sharing their video on this blog. We are getting some interesting traffic – with your help we will get more.

A the end of July I will post the update about how well you helped me succeed. If I am the winner and have the greater diversity of visitors my colleague will take me out to lunch. I really want to win – won’t you help?


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