Personal Reflection About Progression

If you’ll indulge me for a minute I’d like to share a personal reflection I have had. Before doing so, let me wish a Happy Father’s Day to each of you father’s (or fathers-to-be). In the United States 15 June 2008 is Father’s Day.

I considered the state of nature. In high school I learned (I think) that nature is in a state of constant change. Chaos is the natural digression of matter. Once organized things break down into elemental parts. There is something missing in this about how things get created to begin with, but for our discussion we’ll assume that without care a lawn will turn to weeds and similarly chaos is natural. A flower, once blooming cannot be kept from losing petals, etc. Life, once created and born will march toward death until such time that it returns to its elemental earth.

Now in terms of progression we are a force that will thwart or ward off decay. Recently, I have been surrounded by both University and high school graduations. These mostly young students have reached a point in their lives where we say they have completed a path of competence. This is an event. They can never return to this state and receive another diploma for the same exact path. This event is a mere moment in time. For some it will mean they seek to add upon their present status with greater knowledge and experience. Others will be glad the event is over and go off into alternate paths (hitch-hike through Europe, work in the mall, smoke pot in their parent’s basement,etc).

Each of us experience events that left alone will never progress by themselves. An event, or status, begins to tarnish if it is not applied, added upon, or used to serve others. As we gain education, are awarded an honor, learn a concept, or come to a realization; if we do not improve upon it that it becomes less than it originally was – to the point that if it not nourished it is left to wither and eventually die.

However, when an honor, newly learned concept, award or realization is nurtured – it can begin to grow. If the original thing is good we begin to be happy because of it and use it to build upon and grow.

As I said, this is a thought that came from my garden where I mulled it over. I turned and twisted this thought to see its sides. I sought for ways in which this might be applied in my life and finally share it with you to see if tested, this is universal or just a singularly fragmented idea that is applicable only in my frame of consciousness.


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