Sanity check: Will IT 2.0 eliminate the geeks

The IT profession will change significantly over the next decade in order to keep up with the swift advance of the technology industry. There are four factors driving these changes. IT will split into two separate career tracks.
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PenWe will likely look back on the last decade as a time when the Information Technology specialist was in its business infancy. Geeks, nerds, dweebs, propeller heads, etc have been around since Orson Wells first terrified a awe-struck nation. Today’s sci-fi guru of the boardroom has a dwindling audience where technology is needed to power the bottom line, not just fix the problems of faulty equipment or inept users. Instead a true business technologist will need a cadre of skills that include what a petabyte or the use of fsck, but more about how to manage a failing project, forecast expenses, and evaluate risk. Subject matter specialists (SMS) will emerge to lead the next wave of IT.

Yesterday’s propeller heads will have their place. This impacted sector will still live on pizza and Jolt Cola, but work in swing shifts in dead end scope-limited jobs at the mercy of changes in technology not sending them and their COBOL skills out to pasture.


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