Pork and Beans

Cool HaircutMore often than not I find that people think I am older than I really am. There are a lot of things that it could be 1) the cool Bruce Willis haircut (eat your heart out world). 2) My oozing self-confidence (someone get a mop) 3) the fact I already got three kids who are all about ten years from graduating high school, 4) the wealth of experience I’ve already had living overseas, moving around the US, etc. Ok gotta be the hair.

Sometimes however, I do act my age which is only 33 by the way. I am still a generation x-er who likes sophomoric humour and music videos. My favorite video of late is one by Weezer from their newly released ‘Red Album’ called Pork and Beans. The best part of the video is it brings in all kinds of internet sub-culture characters like Numa Numa, Star Wars Kid, Banana Phone, Chris Crocker and others. If you are so inclined take a look below or click here.


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