Garden / Park Update

Flower BedIt has been beautiful weather in Northern Virginia. Summer tries to arrive but is kept away by a beautiful persistent spring. Last Saturday 31 May 2008 a brief (about an hour) torrential downpour brought enough rain to soak the planters and lawns helping everything stay green. My lawns have been fed, and fertilized with iron in the past month making them green nicely.

I’ve been building flowerbeds around the perimeter of the property with self propagating perennials. This last week the segment I weeded, prepared and planted was filled with lilies and liriope with a mix of vinca all expected to fill in nicely in a couple of weeks. To hold back weeds, and improved on water retention I filled the area with about two-three inches of hardwood mulch. Once it decomposes this will add nice nutrients to the soil and help aerate this heavy clay we have in Virginia.

Timothy Done planting cucumberOn Monday night the 02 Jun 2008 Timothy and I prepared a garden spot near the house where he and I planted watermelon and cucumbers. If these grow as we raised them in our home in California we’ll need lots of friends. Five plants in a soil mixture we prepared will require more friends to give these to than we currently have. Seriously, we expect a bumper crop this year.


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