Pick of the Month – June 2008

Pick of the Month - June 2008On occasion I seem to get a flood of questions from people asking what is the best computer they can buy for kid, spouse, self, etc. Normally my first question is to ask how/what they plan to use the computer for and how much they are willing to spend. When I get such a question I think of the easiest, and best value that matches their needs.

Surprisingly, now food and gasoline are going up but technology prices seem to keep coming down as performance goes up. Get it while it is good – such things may not last. However, I have grabbed what I consider a good value for the person who wants a decent computer that will allow a person to check email, watch videos online, play music, use office applications and play some games. Such a device should be expected to be used for three years – possibly more. For serious gamers, improved video cards are a must – they know this as well as other components. For the rest of us normal people the following should prove as a guide. (See Attached)

Compaq Presario E2160   –  Price $379
Intel Pentium Dual core 1.8 Ghz (Processor)
1 GB PC2 6400 DDR2 SDRAM (Memory)
320 GB SATA 7200 RPM (Storage)
DVD+-/CDRW (CD Drive)

Dell Inspiron  –  Price $550
Intel Pentium Dual core 1.73 Ghz (Processor)
2 GB DDR2 (Memory)
120 GB SATA 5400 RPM (Storage)
DVD+-/CDRW (CD Drive)


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