James Done Website

jamesdone.comAs previously reported, my father was touring Southern Utah on his motorcycle when on Friday 16 May 2008 he had an accident. I flew to Las Vegas, NV where he was life flighted to the hospital. He is doing much better now, and will make a full recovery, albeit difficult.

I found however an excellent opportunity to give my father a gift I’ve considered for some years – his own web domain.  I consulted with my brother-in-law Ryan Warnick who is a graphic designer. He developed a preliminary layout. Once I returned home I modified his great work and created the domain and setup the server. This is my second attempt at another virtual domain. I’ve cut the time from about a week to a day, and think I can knock a full domain and basic setup to a day.

If you’d like to see the website it is located at http://www.jamesdone.com

If you ever have an interest in devloping your own website, please feel free to contact me, I enjoy doing this. I am developing a small portfolio of sites with varying degrees of complexities.


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