Raspberry Recovery

Our family has had one of those life changing emergencies. Last Friday 16 May 2008 I returned home a little late form work to find my wife sitting in he couch with one of those looks. She said I need to call my mother as my father has had an accident on his motorcycle. When I called my mother I found that my father was on a motorcycle tour with my Uncle Rudy. He had an accident in Southern Utah and was being life flighted to Las Vegas Nevada.

The next morning I flew out to Las Vegas and met with my mother and sister Kerrie. My father has several broken ribs, pucntured lung, lacerated spleen and cuts and scrapes. He is currently on a respirator to help with the lung and heavily sedated to allow his body to heal.

I am staying in Las Vegas to help my mother get sistuated into a life for the next couple weeks of living in Vegas. We have been offered a condo to stay in for a couple of weeks and have other housing lined up.

This raspberry road to recovery will take several weeks in Vegas before they can return to Iowa. What an experience. We are so grateful for everyone’s support. Thanks 1,000,000

If you have questions, comments, or anything please contact me at pdone@pauldone.com


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