VHS Memories a Memory

VHS TapeNo one os debatnig whether beta or VHS are superior – both are out the window. If you try finding a VCR to play your old home videos you’ll be hard pressed to find one that will play the old movies.

I came across an article by unclutter.com that describe how you can either pay somone to transfer your old videos or transfer them yourself to digital form. The US warehouse chain Costco will transfer 2 – hour tapes for USD$20. Doing it yourself is much less expensive but will take some time.

Using a capture devices (of course) connected to your computer you can transfer VHS tapes (or any other format) to digital form that can be stroed or transferred to DVD. Doing so will take up much less space.

There are different capture devices. Be careful, I have used some of these and you definitely get what you pay for is terms of quality and ease of use. If you are serious about doing such a process it will be well worth your time to invest in a quality product.

Below is a list of what you will need:

1) Computer – the tool du jour. Really I am surprised that most people don’t have one or more.
2) Capture Device – a device similar to the Canopus Converter
3) Playback device- if you are transferring VHS tapes you gotta have a VCR
4) Hard Drive space – a hard drive is the device in a computer to store data – this will need a lot. A 1 TB drive is less than USD$200
5) Time – ok lost some of you here.

Transferring your old tapes is as easy as setting up your studio. Plug your playback device (VCR) into your capture device. Use your computer to start recording – play back your VHS tape – wait for recording to end – record to DVD – throw away the tape – finished!

It looks easy, but it is done this quick. Good luck, from experience I can tell you the more you practice – the easier this process will be.


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