How Deep Is It?

Two fellows came upon a mine shaft out in the hills. “How deep do you think it is?” asked one. “Gosh, I don´t know,” answered his pal. “Let´s drop a stone in and listen for it to hit the bottom.” They did so and waited, but there was no sound. They found a larger rock and threw it in. Still nothing. A short distance away they spotted an old railroad tie. Each lifted an end, and with great difficulty they dropped it in. Still no sound! As they waited, a goat ran right between them and jumped into the hole. They were standing there scratching their heads when a third fellow came along and asked, “Have you seen a goat?” “Well, yes, as a matter of fact,” replied the first guy. “We just had a goat run past us and jump into that hole!” “Oh, it couldn´t have been my goat,” said the third fellow. “Mine was tied to a railroad tie.”

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