Supervisor Graduate

Paul Done Graduation photo Supervisor SeriesSeveral weeks ago I indicated that I had completed a Supervisor Training Program at George Mason University (GMU). One of my final commitments was to briefly write about what I gained from the experience as well as how such a program might benefit others.

The what’s in it for me idea is one of the first things we think about. I began the program because I wanted to be a better supervisor. I knew my skills regardless of how good I think I am could always use honing. I started by taking a three hour course on Covey’s Third Habit of Highly Effective People – time management. The ideas, practices, and methods introduced in this discussion carried throughout the other seminars. After finishing 10 similar classes each 3 hours or more I learned tactics, techniques, and tools to be a better supervisor.

Know What I Don’t Know
As a result of this learning I know there is much more to learn. Much of this program is the warm and fuzzy side being a supervisor. I know now that management is more than just being a boss it requires one to be a leader. Stand in front, take the arrows, define the path ahead and encourage people to want to follow you.

Next Steps
GMU’s President Merten (pictured above) spoke at the graduation ceremony that such training has prepared us to be better in our current job, and should prepare us for our next job. After his remarks HR Director Pat Donini quickly added that President Merten meant our next job within the University. The skills in this program will help us (at least me) to be better in my current job, and better prepared for my next job.

Education is the expansion of horizons well beyond our current vision.” – Paul M. Done


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