Imagination: A Peaceful Revolution?

I was sent an article today called Cars and Starvation by Orson Scott Card. One part caught my imagination regarding government subsidies of agriculture that made me consider a possible albeit science fiction  possible future. It went a little something like this:

The combination of fertile ground and favorable climate conditions have made a consistent output possible. Augment this with government support and we find an ultra success that can not be overcome by others. We have created a barrier entry so high that it is unprofitable at artificially inflated prices.

Now consider if we had to compete with other farms. The perceived lifestyle that an American farmer deserves would be impossible to sustain and therefore the family farm would be replaced by corporate farms or replaced altogether by foreign farms. The migration from agrarian life to an information society would near completion.

What would government than need to subsidize? Education, only an educated and technically superior society can compete in an information society. Thereafter the historic failures of government subsidizing anything would become more readily apparent in education . The truly educated AND aware would leave the government subsidized education with all its failing and flailings. They would flock to corporate education where students regardless of age are educated with specific technologies that advance an information society and corporate success.

The hate and discontent between the haves and have nots would require that government step in with its last bastion of authority and militarize conflicts to an equitable resolution likely to favor the haves. The have nots would be the foot soldiers until such time that corporations discover the failings of a have-not filled army and destroy the entire uneducated race. Without loyal dependents the government would decay into obscurity replaced by board of directors and technical guild associations. Laws if they are called such any longer would be developed where corporations arbitrate their differences to mutual benefiting circumstances. Natural rights are self-guaranteed by corporate citizens pursuing their self-interests where interdependence is the motivating factor.

Just a thought I came up with….


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