…only Google-knowledge

Google LogoI spent a couple of minutes today speaking to some of my friends at work about the tools we use to live. Of course it centered on technology and we all agreed that if we had a question we’d go to Google for resources. In an attempt to make some meanigful comment (half effort) I said, “There is no new knowledge, only Google-knowledge.” This is so obviosly untrue that it has caused to me think more about it throughout the day.

Google is a search engine; a tool to formulate a query that peruses the internet for sites with likely, and high probability of an answer. Whatever. What it does is genius by returning your answer from trusted sources as determined by others on the Internet who link to this as a valid response.

In this way we have the collective wisdom of the Intenet-published world that acts as a resource for developing not only solutions but new knowledge. This new knowledge is really Google-knowledge or improvements on pre-exisitng knowledge with new solutions – intellectual  advancement. Wow!

So I go back to a theme I have had for sometime now – a theme prompting this blog. Imagine the solutions and thoughts, the intellectual advancement we’d have in the world if more us became producers on the internet instead of consumers. Even the least of us have something to contribute.

Instead of just using email to keep or calendars we actually met virtually with problems, ideas, and work. Instead of watching YouTube for sophomoric antics of three-legged puppies, we actually shared dialog and commentary to help and uplift others.

No one is too old, the internet now is not for the geeks alone. This is the people’s web, its the electronic library in your hand, the faucet of experience to come and drink freely.

What will you add?


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