Week’s Events

Lincoln MemorialNormally much better at keeping things up to date – yet the last week has been busy. We returned last week this time from Canada. Had a great time, stopped by Niagara Falls to take some pictures. Afterwards, drove the entire 10 hours back to Manassas. The first part of last week gave no other reprieve as work continued on as did a nagging cold making my voice sounds like Lou Rawls. Not gone away yet – there is just no time for the sick.

Spent Saturday touring my Aunt on a walking tour of Washington DC. Our route is a new favorite – Jefferson through F.D. Roosevelt. Next to Lincoln by the Korean War Memorial. Next on to the White House by the World War II. Time available walk down Smithsonian row to the Capitol Building and return to Jefferson Memorial to pick up the car or take Metro on the return. The route can be done in reverse and may take from 2-8 hours. Yesterday’s trip was the latter amount (thus a rosy patina on my head). Your mileage may vary.

An entire photo montage is here.


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