Family Trip in Canada

You’ll excuse me as I make a travel log. This weekend we drove from home in Virginia to visit our Philippine family in the suburbs of Toronto Canada. We drove 9 1/2 hours on Thursday arriving about 8 PM local time.

It is customary that when Limpins get together they eat and laugh. When they are done doing one they begin the other. It makes for a very fun time. If there is ever a lull they usually pick one family member who is not there and call them.

This trip there are 5 of the 9 sibilings together in Canada. Missing is the two brothers and sister in the Philippines, and one sister in Dubai. Earlier, we found that when we called Grace in Dubai we woke her at 1 am. Later we got luckier when we actually setup their computers in Canada to video conference with those in the Philippines. While the family in the Philippines were not here in person we saw and spoke with them as though they were.

You really got to love technology, this is a bit new, but in coming years they size, speed, and quality of images will surely improve.

Connected with this post is a video of just some the fun they had while video conferencing. Here is the link.


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