Personal Observation: What a Day

You ever have one of those days? You wake up, scratchy throat – weather doesn’t know if it wants to rain. Everyone seems to be so impatient and it rubs off. I had a day like that and all I could do was keep thinking Momma said there’d be days like this. Fortunately it is over – the evening is better and some of my long terms projects are getting finished.

This is a different type of entry – more to explain what you do when it is a crummy day. For that matter here is my efforts to keep happy.

1) Worked on a fixing project – repaired a loose hinge on a door in the house. Looking at it makes me happy – I saved $200
Paul M Done2) Updated my online photo. Rarely do I like pictures of myself, I guess no one does. If the picture is small enough it doesn’t really matter.
3) I am actively reading three books – on my drive to and from work I read Eragon (fantasy dragon story) by Paolini, in the early morning I am reading Empire (futuristic terrorism book) by Orson Scott Card, and in between these I am reading Blind Man’s Bluff (historical submarine espionage)by Sontag, Drew, and Drew. I swear one night I will dream that Admiral Rickover is flying a dragon over the Potomac to attack the White House.
4) With Imelda and the Kids Out – I have been able to clean the house which will probably stay nice for a day or two more. It is nice to have a clean house and especially if it stays like that for a bit. It will still be nice when they return.
5) I am a little proud – of a project I have finished. It is the initial guidelines for a security procedure that safeguards institutional information. I am the first to realize that it has a long way to go. The guideline however develops a framework that can be built upon and expanded in great detail. Here is a link to the project.

Tomorrow evening an ISO 19116 presentation about technical standards for Geographic Information Positioning Systems. Friday the Supervisor’s Graduating Event at George Mason University. After that I think I will rest.

I have made the mistake sometime to say I wish I had more time in a day. Frankly, when days come like they have today I am perfectly content with 24 hours in a day. At least a third of it is spent sleeping – if we’re lucky.

Thanks for reading – it is therapeutic just to write it.


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