Enough Already!

Responsibility responsibility1: the quality or state of being responsible [taking] moral, legal, or mental accountability. (Source: MW Online)

Not a whole lot if this lately. This week we have a fallen governor [not the first], ongoing economic problems,  sports celebrities being considered for perjury charges in Congress, and the list goes on. An underlying theme is that the reasons are someone else’s fault.

Frankly, I’d like to see some consequences. Let’s see a former Governor sit in jail, real jail not some prison on the beach. Let’s do more than add an asterisks to sport records – remove him from the history of baseball. Let the investment company fail and see what investors might expect from management for faulty decisions. Finally, let the houses foreclose – that’s right let every single one of those people lose their home who thought they could get rich quick by flipping their house.

Oh, I hear it now – wait until its you. How can you be so harsh? You will be effected too you know. I realize I am part of a community who will suffer with my foreclosed neighbors. I’ll never be able to leave my home because my mortgage will be higher than the resale price. I accept this – not pleased but I accept it – fortunately I live in a beautiful place, a comfortable neighborhood in America’s most livable community.  But I take responsibility for my decision. I now have to forego moving to Dubai, or taking another job in a different state.

What are other’s repercussions? Well we can either bail out another airline, prop up faulty business practices, and make a free market less free and continue with the same problems or we can change. Change means we let the brokerage firm file for bankruptcy, we make a family move into an apartment (when did this become so bad), we tell the AFL-CIO sorry we can’t afford your demands we can’t make cars anymore.  Then the most important step – we learn a lesson.

I am not the only one thinking this way.  For every greedy person someone loses. For every victimless crime someone cries. For every fallen hero a kid tears down a poster from his wall.

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